Kara Yoo

Art directing, photographing, and designing marketing material to use across all media platforms.


Art Directon
Print, Branding


Photography, Campaign Newsletters, Prints, Illustrations, Styling

Kara Yoo Jewelry began in 2012 with the mission to create versatile and thoughtfully crafted pieces for women of all ages. All designs are conceptualized by Kara and hand-crafted in-house. Her jewelry is made to last, using quality materials, and Kara Yoo is stocked in over 35 boutiques worldwide, and continues to grow.

I work with Kara Yoo as a contractor to produce creative content. I execute the art direction and photography to produce creative marketing collateral for her social and e-commerce platforms (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Shopify), all of which includes product photography, print material, newsletters, lookbooks, and illustrations.

Creating Visual Material

What I enjoy most about this role is the chance to exercise my creative abilities with each new project. Every month I create a moodboard of products, colours, materials, and lifestyle images to help guide the project shoot. The moodboards are discussed and edited to make sure that the ideas and concepts align with the branding.

I work independently on these deliverables which range from producing sets of social media/lookbook photos (shoot set-up, styling, photographing, editing), specific marketing product shoots for newsletters, and print and illustration designs for e-commerce packaging.

Capturing compositions of simple shapes and layers of jewelry.

When I'm not working on the computer, I love to work with my hands—so being able to create visual compositions with different materials, shapes, and colours is a delight. In addition, when doing on-person product shoots, I often work with people who have no experience infront of the camera, however through personal modelling experience I'm able guide and direct them to capture the moments I'm looking for.

Below are a few out-takes of my work.

Visit the site—www.karayoo.com