Always On Player

A look into designing for the passive viewer in the digital age of live streaming.


User Experience
User Interaction
Visual Design


Naheel Jawaid


Framer Prototype, Video, Microsite

Always On Player is a 3 week project for an Interaction Design course. Our project started with the brief to design a new mobile-first feature for Twitch, a leading platform for live-streaming games. A colleague and I came into this project with little-to-no knowledge of gaming or live streaming, but we were excited to dive deep into this subculture.

My role in this project includes but is not limited to auditing research, concepting, conducting interviews, user-testing, visual and user interface design. The tools I used for the project included good ol' paper and pencil, Sketch, Illustrator, and SublimeText Editor.

Check out this Journey Video we documented

For this project we created a quick and dirty microsite showcasing and outlining the project and process. So check it out to learn more about the mobile feature design.

Lastly, watch our Promo/Vision video we made for our project